What Is the FordPass App?

March 31st, 2022 by

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What Is the FordPass App?

FordPass™: An App for Your Ride

Want an extra way to connect to your drives? The FordPass App packs virtually everything you’ll need with an easy way to control and check many of your Ford vehicle’s functions from your smartphone. Whether you’re looking to get a quick kickstart to your drives from inside your house or check your ride’s metrics to help you judge when to schedule service or where to detour for fuel/re-charges, your mobile phone offers virtually everything you’ll need for the job. Get started by downloading the FordPass app for your smartphone—and also visit us at Bohn Ford in Harvey, LA, and test drive your favorite compatible vehicles.

FordPass Connect: A New Way to Control Your Ride

Remote access to your car, truck, or SUV now begins in the palm of your hand, as the FordPass App gives you access to many of your rides functions, like locking/unlocking your doors to let your friends inside, starting/stopping your motor to help warm up your cruiser on ultra-breezy winter mornings, and plenty more—all from the app’s home screen. To help ensure each day kicks off right in your Ford vehicle, you can even schedule starts to begin warming up or cooling off your cruiser so that the temperature is near-perfect by the time you sit inside for the ultimate commute or start to your adventures.

On top of directly controlling your ride, you can also make your payments with Ford Credit to help ensure you stay on top of your financing. The more you purchase at participating Ford dealerships, you’ll also earn rewards, which can help you cut service costs or collect accessories and merchandise—it’s all up to you how you use your Ford points and reward yourself.

Convenience on the Go: Let the App Bring Peace of Mind

Whether you drive an action-geared Expedition or an electric Mustang Mach-E, the FordPass App aims to bring uncompromised convenience on nearly any road you find with features like creating a 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot, helping your riders stream, share, play, and plenty more while you focus on the road ahead for your epic adventures or quick rides across town.

Riding with an EV? Your FordPass App even packs a few special features for you, like checking your remaining range or using your smartphone as a key to enter your ride. You can even find nearby public charging stations with FordPass Charging Network and plan your road trips around keeping your battery topped off along the way to help you avoid running out of power.

When you find yourself in an unexpected jam, the FordPass app gives you access to Roadside Assistance with a few taps, like bringing you a key when you’re locked out of your car, bringing you fuel, or towing you back on the road. In fact, it’s so much convenience it’s like we’re riding alongside you.

Bringing Street Smarts to Your Ride: Start in Harvey

Ready to control some of your vehicle’s functions with your smartphone? Download the FordPass App today or head to Bohn Ford to test drive our new vehicles for a cruiser that’s capable of riding with this innovative technology. While you’re here, we’ll assist you in any way possible, from walking you through the app’s features to answering your questions—it’s only the start of how we step up as your Ford dealer near Harvey, LA.

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