Low Transmission Fluid Symptoms to Look Out For


Transmission fluid is one of the unsung heroes of a healthy car. Although it’s discussed less than motor oil, maintaining proper levels of transmission fluid is essential to keeping your car in working order.

As part of our ongoing mission to provide drivers from Harvey, New Orleans, and Metairie with everything they need to know about regular automotive maintenance, the experts at Bohn Ford put together a guide about common low transmission fluid symptoms.

Read on to learn more about low transmission fluid symptoms!

Gear Slippage

Gear Slippage Due to Low Transmission Fluid Transmission fluid helps regulate your car’s hydraulic pressure, which allows the engine to put the wheels in motion. When your transmission fluid is low, your car won’t generate as much hydraulic pressure, leading to what’s known as gear slippage.

Gear slippage commonly manifests as a failure to accelerate properly. When your transmission fluid is low, you may notice your vehicle reaching high RPMs while moving sluggishly. If this occurs, you’re experiencing gear slippage—a common low transmission fluid symptom.

Trouble Shifting Gears
Perhaps the most common transmission-related issue, having trouble shifting gears usually means that your car needs more transmission fluid. This problem can occur in both manual and automatic-shifting cars.

In addition to physical trouble while shifting, you may also experience sudden lurches when attempting to change gears.

Cars that aren’t shifting properly should be brought to a service center quickly. Your local service center technician can work to refill your transmission fluid, which will fix your gear-shifting troubles without any additional hassle.

Overheated Transmission

Your vehicle’s transmission is comprised of numerous moving parts. Transmission fluid helps keep them lubricated and running smoothly. If you have low transmission fluid, your transmission won’t be able to stay lubricated, which often leads to it overheating.

An overheated transmission makes itself known in a few different ways. Most commonly, you notice a burning smell and hear excess noise from your transmission. Both are symptoms of an overheating transmission and low transmission fluid, which your local service center can address.

Leaking Fluid

Transmission Fluid DrainingOftentimes, cars will leak when their transmission fluid is low, leaving a trail of liquid in their wake. If you notice unfamiliar leaks coming from under your vehicle, you may be experiencing a common low transmission fluid symptom.

Although there are a number of different fluids that can leak from underneath a car, an experienced technician can quickly identify if low transmission fluid is to blame. If you’re unsure, schedule an appointment with your local service center to properly assess the leak.

Take Care of Low transmission Fluid Today!

Keeping your car’s transmission fluid levels in check is a key to proper automotive maintenance. Letting the fluid run low can lead to issues, like the symptoms outlined above.

Fortunately, refilling your transmission fluid is a straightforward process that many automotive technicians can complete in an hour or so. If you’re unsure about your vehicle’s transmission fluid level, contact your local service center and consult with one of their experts.

Drivers around Harvey, New Orleans, and Metairie with low transmission fluid can rely on Bohn Ford to get them back on the road. Contact our service center today!

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