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Ford Fiesta ST Has That Driftin' Bounce

We have to say, as far as stylish vehicles go, the Ford Fiesta is quite a cute little bug. It's got those endearing headlamps and dominating grille. But don't write it off as just that. Its fashion sense is backed by a beasting sense of capability in its ST form. What kind of beast mode does this hot hatch offer?

The kind that includes bouncing off rocks, drifting in the mud, and kicking…

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The 2014 Ford SVT Raptor is a Truck of Prey

The 2014 Ford F-150 is one of America's favorite pickup trucks and we cannot wait for the redesigned and lighter  2015 model to arrive here in Harvey, LA.  The F-150 is a hardworking vehicle and it won't disappoint on the job.

Of course a life of all work and no play doesn?t just frustrate Jack, which is why Ford decided to engineer the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, a pickup with a commanding name and an even more commanding presence.

The Raptor first came to the lineup back in 2010 for truckers wanting a vehicle designed specifically for…

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Meet the New 2015 Ford Mustang GT

The sixth-generation Mustang has been causing a stir ever since it was revealed to the world last year, and rightly so thanks to redesigned style and boosted performance.

With a base, EcoBoost and GT trim available the 2015 Ford Mustang boasts some serious style and power, and it is coming soon to our Harvey, Louisiana showroom.

In advance of its official release a Mustang GT recently was caught on film showing off, so take a...

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Ford Fusion Offers Power and Performance at the Top of Its Class

If you're in the market for a family sedan that also takes performance seriously than you'll love the 2014 Ford Fusion. We realize that that mid-size sedan has a stigma for lame performance, so we figured NASCAR's Joey Logano could help change your opinion on that subject.

As you can see, there are tons of reasons to love the Fusion, but it all starts with its EcoBoost engine options. It might not…

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Don Bohn Ford Talks About Driver Assist Technology

Driver assist technology has been around for years, and many of the features are going to be eventually become standard on all new cars.

Rear backup cameras can help to reduce collisions as you back out of your parking spot or driveway. These are going to be made standard on all new cars starting in 2018, but why wait until then? Rear backup cameras are available on the new Ford Fusion now!

Blind spot monitoring…

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Ford Shares Fun Father's Day Stores

Even though Father's Day has come and gone, there's no wrong time to let you father know you care. So what better way to show this than to share embarrassing stories about him and his car with the world? Ford is doing this with a new series of videos - of which there are two now - that tell the stories of peoples and their experiences with their dads and their dad's car. This…

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Building a More Efficient Ford

Ford is working with Samsung to create a battery that will allow for regenerative braking in non-hybrid models for extra fuel efficiency. Right now they are working on creating a dual-battery system that combines the standard lead-acid battery with the newer lithium-ion battery.

This system allows the engine to shut off when the car stops, while the lithium-ion battery keeps all the accessories running. This prevents gas from being wasted while the vehicle is idling…

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Ford Celebrates 10 Years of F-150 Production at Dearborn Plant

Back in May of 2004, Ford excitedly put production into full swing at its new sustainable truck manufacturing facility in Dearborn. Now a decade later, the automaker is celebrating the plant's success and the production of over 2.6 million Ford F-150 vehicles.

The community of workers that has grown and prospered at the facility is involved in much more than just vehicle production. Watch the following video to see what else they have...

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Experience the Exciting Innovations of the 2014 Ford Escape

Are you on the market for a vehicle that can make life a little easier? Then feast your eyes on the 2014 Ford Escape. This SUV is filled with the latest innovations and features that will make each and every driving experience more enjoyable.

One of our favorites is its foot-activated liftgate. There's no longer a need to balance groceries on your knee while fumbling for keys thanks to this innovation. Check out the…

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